Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Good News and Balance

I said a few days ago that everything would come to a head this week; and it certainly has.

Today I was offered a full time contract position in a job I am very experienced at (and have worked most of my professional life). This job is on campus at the University I have enrolled in (also full time) to study. They will accommodate my study schedule (even if it's full time) and we'll see how it goes for a while and re-analyze the situation in the near future. I start this new job at 10am tomorrow morning.

I also believe I'm much more equipped at this stage in my life to benefit greatly from tertiary education then I was at the age that most young adults spend studying. I certainly have a very different approach to life than I had when I was in my early twenties, and it's pretty safe to assume that this would flow over into my attitude towards study.

It was only in the last few days that a conversation around my lounge room came to the subject of Balance in life; and I was sharing my thoughts on the importance of a striking a good balance between all of the facets of ones life. Of course I was coming at the whole situation very differently when this occurred - I seemed to have "all the time in the world", I wasn't working. I was studying, self-paced and self-directed along with the housework and anything else I could do to help both my full-time working house mates. The concept of Balance from this point onwards seems a little more daunting; but certainly achievable.

Between almost 40 hours of work and 30 hours of University study each week, an hour or so each day for meditation and reflection and some time with my fantastic partner and friends somewhere in there. I also have a personal commitment to myself to continue blogging at an average of about a post a day; including some quotes, personal comments and essays/articles I write on various topics at various times.

In closing, I'm really excited... I'm going to be busy... but it's the first steps in a new direction of this journey! Right now I'm heading to bed to get a good night sleep before my first day at my new job!


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Theo Huffman said...

Wow! You really seem to be on a roll! And the news one reads about how things are going in the USA economy-wise is so downbeat. I recall reading A Tantra for the West by Marcus Allen when I was in my mid twenties, over twenty years ago. There's material in there about visualizing and planning the future, and I recall being being blown away by the concept that one doesn't have to resign oneself to being dragged down by an economic recession. According to Marcus Allen, if you know what you're doing and are executing your plans correctly, there's no reason you can't keep prospering in spite of a recession.

I agree that education is often wasted on the young. If I had the freedom to do it again, I'd be a killer college student now. I'd really appreciate it for the privilege it is.