Thursday, February 26, 2009

Destined for Divinity

The Christian blogsphere is abuzz with discussion of Ash Wednesday, commencing the pre-Easter Christian period of Lent.

I don't feel the need to re-iterate the many comments made by others, nor do I have a particularly personal spin on Lent or Ash Wednesday specifically.  One particular article caught my attention and I wish to share that with you, from RevRuth's Rantings "Remember, child that you are dust."  and Imagebearer quotes a piece by Rev. Ward B. Ewing from "The Freedom of Being Dust".

In Light, Love and Life.
An Unknown Philosopher.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


The first article I wrote for this blog was a detailed look at a Hindu mantra, "Om Nama Shivaya"; back in June - the reason I bring this up today is that today is Mahashivratri or Shivaratri, a festival devoted to the great creator and destroyer, Shiva.

The legend behind Mahashivratri is about a villager named Lubdhaka; a devotee of Shiva; got lost whilst collecting firewood. Alone in the forest at night, Lubdhaka sought refuge and shelter in a tree's branches where he remained too scared to leave until dawn.

To keep himself alert he plucked leaves from the tree and dropped them, each time chanting the name of Shiva. The leaves had fallen onto a Shiva lingam, which he had not noticed in the dark. The all night vigil pleased Shiva so Shiva sent away the wild animals and Lubdhaka was rewarded with Divine Bliss.

Wishes of Peace.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

An Open Letter to His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Your Holiness,

I am deeply concerned about the treatment of South Brisbane Priest Father Peter Kennedy by the Vatican and Roman Catholic Church.

It seems to me that Father Peter has done nothing but live, teach and accept according to the teachings of the Master Jesus. Teachings that promote acceptance, love and understanding.

I'm seeing more and more people flock away from mainstream churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church as these people either become disenfranchised or discover that "the kingdom of god is within" [Luke 17:21].

The Courier Mail Newspaper of Brisbane reports that "The Archbishop's intervention was sparked by complaints to the Vatican by a parishioner who, among other issues, complained about a Buddhist statue in the church.".

While I understand the offense such a statue in a church may cause some parishioners it is in my opinion less offensive than the collection of money during Mass, did Jesus not throw the money changers out of the temple?

I feel that Father Peter is one of a growing number of true beacons of Light spreading a message of love, acceptance and open mindedness. A message of opening our hearts to our fellow brothers and sisters - a message that is resoundingly familiar to anyone who has read the sacred texts of any religion, and especially true of the teachings of the Master Jesus.

I hope, and pray that Father Peter Kennedy refuses to allow this obstacle to prevent him spreading this message to all who will listen and bringing Love, Light and Life once again to the churches teachings.

In Divine Love,
Pax Tecum.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

A secret tradition in the Roman Catholic Church

The following article was written by Fr Kelechi Ekezie; and is republished here with permission.

As a young altar boy in the Catholic Church I was constantly bemused by the some of the elements used for worship in the Church, we had to learn how to load incense into the incense burner, how to swing the burner without spilling red hot ash upon one's self, we were warned to take extra care not to allow the flames of our candles get blown off...also to handle the unleavened bread and Holy wine with great care...yet...I still wondered as a kid: What did these things really mean? Like I used to asked my Mom then: Is all that required to know God?

However, deep and personal study and research over years revealed startling facts about the use of these things during Mass in Church...they are symbolical and represent the principal elements of nature and creation...which are four in number: Earth, Water, Fire and Air... These four elements constitute a Cross. A cross has four arms. Each arm of the Cross symbolizes a Corner of the universe, East, West, North, and South, and to each Corner is symbolically assigned an element: Fire - East, Water - West, Air - South and Earth - North. This is symbolized by the carrying of the Cross by an altar boy during mass, however most worshipers are not informed about these inner teachings as these are usually priesthood secrets...

In Roman Catholic ceremonies each element is symbolized during worship: The Earth element is symbolized by the unleavened bread...the Water element by the Wine and Holy water...the lighted candles symbolize the element of Fire and the burning incense symbolizes the Air element, these four symbols are always present in Catholic Mass and ceremonies...traditionally
they are thought to activate and attract the presence of the Four Holy Angels that rule the Four Winds (Elements) at the Four Corners of the Earth,mentioned in the Book of Revelation... when properly consecrated and activated by a knowledgeable priest. In the pre-Christian times, such priests were called Magi and it is from their writings and works that most Catholic and later Jewish religious ceremonies derive...

The Church, considered the Temple of God, is also symbolically modeled after the universe:

In the East of the Church where the priest seats are placed the lighted candles - symbol of the Fire element, in the West of the Church, (directly opposite the East) is placed the Holy Water - symbol of the Water Element. It is also here in the West of the Church that ceremonies involving Water such as Baptism are conducted. The Worshippers and the Priest move down and face the West of the Church, the symbolic position of the Water element.

With all elements activated during mass, it is thought that the Four Holy Angels, Raphael, Gabriel, Micheal and Auriel have taken their positions in Church and their combined Presence activates the Fifth Element, HOLY whom all devout aspire to imitate and attain...all who open their hearts to God during Mass receive the Benedictions of the Angels and Christ...The Church stands on the Rock of the Cross - guarded by the Four Angels of the Most High...perhaps this is one reason, despite all her errors and misgivings during the medieval times, the Roman Catholic Church still stands firms...nearly 2000 years after...many other "Churches" spring out of no where making wild, bombastic claims...and disappear as trivially as they appeared...yet the old Catholic Church stands..apparently unshaken, by all the quivering going on around...this may be attributable again to the fact the Church rest on a SQUARE - a FOUR cornered object depicting full stability...dimensioned by the Four Elements...

To further illustrate the universality of this tradition consider our very own African Traditional religion:

The African priest keeps coins, a kolanut, palmwine and tiny nuts (ose oji) ready for invoking the Four holy presences (elements)...

The coin represents Earth (ANI)
The Palmwine represents Water ( MMiri)
The Kolanut represents AIR (Ikuku)
The tiny nuts (ose oji) - Fire (ANWU)

The priest tosses the coin and says "Ndi nwe Ani welu nu oo!" (Spirits of the Earth, here's our offering!) Then pours the palm wine on the ground saying: "Ndi nwe mmiri(WATER) welu nu oo!"(Spirits of the Water, here's our offering!) Then he breaks the kolanut, throws some pieces before him and proclaims: "Ndi nwe Ikuku (AIR) welu nu oo!"(Spirits of the Air, here's our offering!) and finally the ose oji is blessed and thrown before him and he says:"Ndi nwe Anwu (Fire) welu nu oo!"(Spirits of the Sun, here's our offering!)

Thus doing he activates the Four elements to aid his work....the traditional religion has only four days, each day is consecrated to a particular element:

Eke - Earth
Afor - Water
Orie - Fire
Nkwo - Air...isn't this interesting?

Yet we are told us this local religion was fetish and occult...and persuaded to abandon our natural, God given system, what are the real differences between the Church and our local religion? And the people that brought Christianity themselves have virtually abandoned it, just like we have abandoned our traditional religion...

My personal research into these religions proves that all Lights are TRULY ONE...ALL religions have but ONE SOURCE...God...though different shades and colours...

Stay in Love.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cleansing the Energy of a Space

This article crosses over two specific areas I write about, so along with this article there is a companion article entitled "Creating a Positive Vibe" in my new blog Charged Creation.

A friend recently asked me for some suggestions for cleansing the energy of a physical space after a heated emotional conflict occurring and dealing with the emotionally charged "vibe" that remains long after the event.

One of her first comments after I made my suggestions was, "I'll have to find the cheapest option, we don't have much spare money." At this stage I felt the need to point out something I feel is important. It's not about what you buy, what you use or how you actually do it - as with any ritual (defined as phsyical realm representation of something designed to affect or interact with other planes) - it is about the intent.

Let us take a look at the celtic traditions - to this day witchcraft is associated with the broomstick. The origins of this stereotype lay in the wise old women of the village, those who knew about herbology, childbirth and the mysteries of life and were considered wise or magical. When they wanted to cleanse something they would use the broom symbolically to do it.

My first suggestion for anyone wanting to cleanse the energy of a space for any reason would be to take a broom, and physically sweeep the room, the floor, the walls, the ceiling. It doesn't need to be solid physical cleaning - the intent and thoughts while you are doing it should be in dispersing the negative energy you wish to remove.

Another important factor that I would like to point out is that it is my belief that everything has an aura; not just living bodies, but inanimate objects too. This aura can be affected in the same way that one can raise and lower the frequencies that they phsyically attune to through the use of meditation and other techniques.

Denise Linn in her fantastic book "Sacred Space" suggests there are four steps to house cleaning; In this article I take her four basic steps and apply my own metaphysical and esoteric views on them and present some practical ways that work for me for creating the "vibe" you desire.

  1. Preparation - Becoming clear about our intention.
  2. Purification - The act of cleansing/clearing or ritual.
  3. Invocation - Specific request to the cosmic as part of the ritual.
  4. Preservation - Raising and maintaining a positive energy
Step 1

Before beginning any kind of ritual it is strongly advised to purify yourself. Wash your hands and dry them, again holding the intent in mind of self purification, then drink a glass of water and offer a statement to God or the cosmic about your intention. (You can view this process as a mini ritual in itself to commence the ritual proper). We've already discussed, and I'll leave it as an exercise in trusting your inner guide as to how you can consciously and subconsciously establish an intention and hold it.

Step 2

This is the actual symbolic ritual step. In this step you are acting out your will, your intent using physical symbols to represent the movement of energies on and across other planes. 

  • I've suggested using a broom to symbolically cleanse a room; I personally think it's the most appropriate way to go. Even better than using your every day cleaning broom, make a small hand sized broom for the purpose. It could be made of ribbon, strips of rags, straw whatever you have available. Remember while making it to hold your intent for it's purpose - this will charge it even more with emotional intent.
  • Lighting an incense stick and invoking a symbol of peace or balance in each cardinal direction of the room.
  • Taking a box that can be opened and closed (preferably sturdy and wooden, but that is my personal preference), open it in the center of the room and direct the negative energy towards it; close the box and release the energy back to the earth somewhere appropriate.
Step 3

I mentioned this step briefly in step 1 as part of the mini-ritual of self-purification prior to any ritual. Allow me to elaborate a little on this here. The Invocation can be offered to whatever it is you hold dear in your heart - your concept of God. Be that a traditional Jehovah, Ra, Odin or the entire Cosmic or yourself - whatever you consider the god of your heart to be. An example Invocation for self purification could be:

May the God of my heart accept this act of self purification and aid me in the work I am about to commence. So mote it be.

The following Invocation is based on Denise Linn's suggested Invocation from her "Sacred Space" book:

May the God that dwells in my heart come forth and fill this home. I ask that this home be a sanctuary for all who shall enter. I ask that good thoughts and good actions emanate from this home. May this home bring comfort and healing for all who live here. May this home be a healing center of light and love. I ask this in the name of the Cosmic. So Mote it Be.
Step 4

Now that you have cleansed your space, it should be a priority to maintain the energy of the space and if possible continue to raise that energy habitually. Once the space is cleansed and your intent for it to be a source of your abundance in your life spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically there are various things you can do frequently to maintain your positively charged energy environment. These are all just suggestions, use what you feel works for you, your space, the people around you and your specific situation.

  • Regular burning of incense. Pick a scent that you associate with the energy you wish to create, and burn it regularly, even daily if you can.
  • Light a candle for a period of time each day, it could just be five minutes. Use the time the candle is lit to sit quietly and recall thoughts related to the energy you desire in your space. Feel the energy fill you from the cosmic and burst out from you filling the room.
  • Upon entering your home or space every time mentally recall your intent for the space, doing this brings to conscious manifestation your intention.
I feel it important to note that if you enter any building which has continually been used for ritual or higher plane work you can feel it. This is because the physical space has been attuned in this way through repeated intent and often in the case of Cathedrals and Temples the repeated intent and ritual of large numbers of devoted worshipers.

These same principles can be applied to your home space of healing and abundance by having those that you co-occupy with understand your intention and in their own way come up with a symbolic way of establishing their intention. Likewise, regular work to maintain and build the energy of your space will over time attune that space more and more so for that particular purpose.

In Love, Life and Light.
An Unknown Philosopher.