Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reflection: Man is...

" is a bundle of relations, a knot of roots,
whose flower and fruitage is the world..."

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Material vs Spiritual... striking the balance.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of attending an open special presentation on the arts at the Sydney Rosicrucian Center.  One of the presentations for the day focused entirely around the fantastic 1934 movie "Mary Poppins" - which in itself has a central theme of material vs spiritual along with other mystical themes including magickal words and initiation.

The small segments of the movie that were shown and discussed have whet my appetite to explore this particular topic in more detail - both the movie and it's themes of material and spiritual influences on our lives.  I don't recall how long it has been since I saw this particular movie in it's entirety, so I plan to watch it again in the next few days - with a more metaphysical emphasis.

I generally do manage a fairy good balance between the time and energy I expend on these two aspects of my life.  Though for the first six months of this year I was overly weighted towards my spiritual aspirations; for the last month I must admit the pendulum has swung a little the other way.  While my spiritual pursuits haven't been neglected I just haven't been as disciplined and dedicated as I was for those six months.

In next week's post I plan to discuss the movie and this topic in a lot more detail, and invite you to join me on this little journey by watching the movie "with" me over the next few days and perhaps post a comment here (or on next week's post) with your thoughts about this topic in relation to this movie.

He Ping!