Sunday, February 22, 2009


The first article I wrote for this blog was a detailed look at a Hindu mantra, "Om Nama Shivaya"; back in June - the reason I bring this up today is that today is Mahashivratri or Shivaratri, a festival devoted to the great creator and destroyer, Shiva.

The legend behind Mahashivratri is about a villager named Lubdhaka; a devotee of Shiva; got lost whilst collecting firewood. Alone in the forest at night, Lubdhaka sought refuge and shelter in a tree's branches where he remained too scared to leave until dawn.

To keep himself alert he plucked leaves from the tree and dropped them, each time chanting the name of Shiva. The leaves had fallen onto a Shiva lingam, which he had not noticed in the dark. The all night vigil pleased Shiva so Shiva sent away the wild animals and Lubdhaka was rewarded with Divine Bliss.

Wishes of Peace.

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