Thursday, July 17, 2008

Essence of Experience

I've almost completed the first full week of my new job.  It's been an interesting week - my work environment is absolutely fantastic.  Trees everywhere.  The social environment is on a similar par, however there seems to always be a bunch of internal politics in any organisation.  I also had the opportunity, today, to meet my lecturers for the subjects I'm taking this semester.  Both of them are very stereotypical, my Classics lecturer in particular - complete with tweed jacket.

I've found just the full time work to require a large enough portion of my energy and time that I've neglected some of the areas I was hoping to maintain a focus on.  This blog was one of the major things in that list - and while the quantity of posts may be a little lower than I was hoping I'm really happy with the content and direction I seem to have taken the blog in.

I do hope to write another essay/article over the weekend as a mechanism for learning about a subject.  I'm not sure yet what subject I'll write about, but it will be something new to me once again and something that I will research and hopefully present my readers with a varying array of opinions or commentaries and let them draw their own conclusions.  I am open to suggestions on subjects too.

Every day something around me, whatever I am doing serves to remind me of just how much we are all connected, are all part of the one (and therefore one part of all).  I really enjoy when these things happen.  I smile and think to myself... "You know, Universe... I got it.. but it's great how you keep finding new cute ways to demonstrate it!".  One of these cute little things happened this afternoon. 

I called one of my closest friends to ask a very specific question which I knew that she would know the answer to.  She knew who it was before I rang, but that's not at all uncommon for us.  I proceeded to ask my question, which she told me she would prefer not to convey the answer verbally at which point I instantly knew the answer, thanked her for her help and told her I'd catch up later.

In this particular instance, the piece of information I was asking about was something that had been known to me previously, which I had forgotten.  An argument could be constructed here to say that I happened to remember and the timing was purely co-incidence.  Unfortunately, addressing that argument in written or spoken words is more difficult than I expected.  I've experienced it - but words don't even begin to explain nor capture the essense of experience.  It's something that I feel is best experienced, not read about.. and to do that accepting that anything is possible is a great way to start making anything posible.

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Theo Huffman said...

The most amazingly clear and simple guidelines I ever read for childrearing go like this.

There are two pillars to raising children: 1. Only make rules for your children that you can enforce, and 2. Enforce them!

Says it all in a nutshell. Give them rules you can't enforce and they won't respect them. Don't enforce the rules you give them, and they will respect neither you nor the rules.

It also applies to the way we discipline ourselves. If you give yourself a regimen you can't keep, it will only frustrate you and make you think less of yourself. If you don't follow the rules you give yourself, you will never develop the will to succeed.