Saturday, July 12, 2008

Godspeed, your Holiness

Pope Benedict XVI
Around ninety minutes ago "Shepherd One" left Rome bound for Sydney, Australia with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI aboard. He will be arriving in Sydney in just over 24 hours. May his trip be safe and trouble free and his visit to Australia a pleasant one for all.

I have refrained from commenting on the impact of the World Youth Day celebrations and huge influx of Christian pilgrims into Australia for the Papal visit. I'm no longer living in Sydney - so it's impact has been much less than if I had have been. Locally there are huge swarms of tents in sporting fields and anywhere there is space nearby, and we're a good three hour train ride away from Sydney. Unfortunately for the masses of Pilgrims camping outdoors, the temperature lately has been colder than usual, with some nights recently getting down as low as 4C.

Pax tecum.

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