Saturday, December 20, 2008

Summer Solstice

The ancient Egyptians celebrated the summer solstice as one of the most important days of the year. The sun reaching it's peak meant that the Nile waters were coming and abundance was around the corner - something to reflect upon in this current time of economic uncertainty.

It was at this time of year that Set was defeated by Horus, the solar deity. The victory of the Sun over the darkness bought a prosperous time, a time of divine illumination; the flood waters returned to the Nile and life returned and flourished.

One of the most common Summer Solstice occurrences across Europe was the bonfire. Accompanying the bonfire fertility was celebrated; often with ritual or symbolic marriages, unions and dancing. This is most evident in Sweden where each village would select a Midsummer Bride who would then in turn select a mock brides groom for a symbolic marriage.

These rituals however were not just about unions - they are early forms of sexual magick as Crowley would call it. These ancient cultures believed that the power of sexual union was able to harmonize nature and increase the fertility of crops, essentially harnessing the same power of sexual union that Aleister Crowley was famous for practicing. Crowley certainly understood the power of intention and ritual; coupled with an understanding of the potential energy released in sexual activity.

The most magical event of all is possible through sexual union and that my brothers and sisters is creation itself.

May the fires be lit!

Wishing each of you a peaceful solstice full of love.

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