Thursday, June 26, 2008


One would think that the first thing to do in a new blog is to introduce myself; and I do plan to do this a little in this post; but for the most part, joining with me on this; the next stage of my personal journey will reveal to you far more about me as a person than any labels or categories I could list in any post.

This blog is about spirituality, it's about life, the universe and everything, to borrow a catch phrase from the great Douglas Adams. It's about connectedness, it's about discovery and it's about my desire to share with others some aspects of the experiences on the path I chose to take.

In a nutshell; I don't subscribe to any mainstream belief system; there are aspects of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Shinto (and every other mainstream belief system) that ring deeply true within my being. I could go as far to say that none of them have anything that I find particularly distasteful, at least in their scriptures and teachings, unfortunately this can't always be said for the institutions, people and hierarchy.

I do believe in a supreme being; the Egyptian mythos works particularly well for me, personally; but I'm happy to use the word "God" to refer to the god of my heart and a particular name from a particular mythos, religion or tradition if I wish to stress a particular aspect of divinity (e.g. I'll happily use the name Thoth/Tahuti to refer to scholarly, wisdom, scribe-like aspects of divinity).

I'm starting this blog purely as an outlet for my spiritual/esoteric creativity; for writing about experiences and thoughts, sharing them with you and meeting fellow brothers and sisters who are happy to walk with me, even for just a few steps.


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